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Oral Care Solution (2 oz.)

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    Dental Health Support

    • Herbal mouth rinse

    • Promote healthy gums and teeth

    This highly concentrated mouth rinse helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. According to a study from the University of Australia, women with bleeding gums and poor dental health took two months longer to conceive. Apply full strength to cold sores.


    Extracts from: Ionic Silver, Fresh Ginger root, Goldenseal root, Propolis Resin, Cloves, Neem leaf, Peppermint Oil, Oregano Oil.


    Suggested Use: Place 1/4 tsp. in 1/4 cup water and rinse mouth.  Include 2,000 mgs of Vitamin C to increase effects.

    Intensive Dosage: Rinse every 3 hours.

    For rinsing and topical use only, DO NOT INGEST.

    Not suggested for children under 2. 

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