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Legacy Herbs (4 oz.)

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    Mens Fertility Enhancement

    • Partner to Fruitful Vine

    • Production support

    About 1/3 of the time, infertility is a female problem. In another 1/3 of cases, it is the man with the fertility problem. For the remaining 1/3, both partners have fertility challenges or no cause is found. 

    In response to many requests for a natural way to support fertility in men, Lega-C-Herbs was created to support production, quality, and quantity in the areas of male fertility.


    Extracts from: Eleuthro root, Tribulus Terrestris fruit, Pygeum bark, Barrenwort leaf, Astragalus root. 

    Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, distilled water, and approx. 5% - 10% organic grain alcohol. 


    Suggested Use:

    Adult Men: take 1/4 teaspoon 3-4 times a day.

    It takes 72 - 74 days for sperm to fully mature. Therefore, Legacy Herbs should be taken for 4-6 months for best results.

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