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Hydrazine Sulphate

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100 capsules

Patient over 55KG (125+lb) - 60 mg hy


One (1) capsule/tablet per day, 1/2 (half) hours before a meal, for three (3) days. (total 3 capsules/tablets)

On the 4th day increase dosage to two (2) capsules/tablets per day, for four (4) days (Total 8 capsules/tablets for the four day period).am/pm

On the 8th day increase dosage by one (1) capsule/tablet per day. (total capsules/tablets at this point is 3 per day).am/noon/pm

Always take the capsules on an empty stomach, just before your meal.

Upon completion of the first 100 units (capsules/tablets), wait seven (7) days before beginning the next bottle. With the second or following bottles of capsules/tablets, the maintenance dosage is two (2) tablets per day. am/pm

Maximum recommended dosage is 3 capsules/tablets in any 24 hour period, but may be adjusted on advice by your health care professional.

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