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Candida Cleanse Protocol

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    Includes 1x Royal Tea, 1x Royal Flora (240 caps), 1x Royal Defense, 1x each Ultra 1 & 2.

    It is a largely unknown and underestimated enemy; fungus overgrowth in the human body! It may be the greatest of all the known risks to your health, because most of us either ignore it or deny its existence. Doctors are not alarmed by the presence of fungus in humans, because we normally have some present at all times. What is dangerous, though, is Candida overgrowth when it saturates the body. And as you'll see, unknowingly, doctors may even contribute to the dangerous Candida overgrowth in our bodies.

    The Ultimate Candida Fungal Cleanse comes with:

    • Royal Tea (1 month supply)

    • Royal Flora (240 capsules)

    • Royal Defense

    • Ultra 1 & 2

    Learn More about the Ultimate Candida Fungal Cleanse at The Wolfe Clinic.

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