Ginkgo Biloba Extract (4 oz.) |

Ginkgo Biloba Extract (4 oz.)

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    All-Natural Memory and Brain Support

    • Memory and mood support

    • All-day alertness

    • Rich in naturally occurring plant antioxidants

    The ginkgo leaf provides all-natural memory and brain support by maintaining optimal blood circulation to the brain. Everything begins in the mind; a healthy mind is a healthy body.


    Extract from: Ginkgo Biloba leaf

    Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, distilled water, and approx. 5% - 10% organic grain alcohol. 


    Suggested Use: 

    3-11 yrs: 1/8 tsp.

    12+ yrs: 1/4 tsp. 

    Take in water 1-3 times daily or as needed.

    Note: Not to be used with anticoagulants, MAO inhibitors or SSRI's. Should not be used with St. John

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